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SCP Camera Presentation

Shoot Cut & Play

SCP.Camera evolves !

With the experience of the first version, we're currently working on the next step.


Web Site

Our previous website still enables you to :

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Soon: "FaitesDuClip"

Be prepared to get back behind the camera, for an extended experience.


SCP Camera is available on download


Between you and us

SCPCamera gives you ideas, you want to try it, or use it with your projects ?

Please contact us,
our team, reactive and skilled,
is always there to take up the challenge.

project realised by:
R.Quittard - X.Gouchet - N.Serikoff
from the ATI departement of university Paris 8

Creative Commons License
SCPCamera is licensed under a Creative Commons
Paternity-No commercial use-Sharing of initial condition 3.0 License

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